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Design choices are tough. No matter how many tools you find to help make better choices on what colors best fit your preferences, it’s still up to you to do it right. To try to make it a little easier, here’s a list of some easily accessible tools that help you make informed design choices without going over budget.

Step 1: Get Ideas

If you love bright colors, no kitchen will look right in Slate Grey, no matter how beautiful it may seem in pictures. Before you begin working out which colors fit your home, start by learning about your own color preferences. One way to compile matching colors is to start with a hex value (color reading for computers) found on W3 Schools’ Color Picker, then plug it into Palleton to see how it works with small adjustments.

Hex values are meant for print and web. They won’t look exactly accurate, but they can help you get ideas. Once you settle on a color preference, the next item is to find out how the color fits with others.

Step 2: Create a Scheme

Design may seem simple, but spending even a little time working out the right color scheme will show you that it is not. The slightest differences in color can be the difference between a soft room with Springtime hues and a wall colored like a blaring road hazard sign. Here’s a crash course on design to help you with the utmost basics. Otherwise, just try to remember that no matter what you’re going for, less is usually more.

Tools like Colors on the Web can take a hex value and help you create a color palette that matches your style. If you’re not finding the right palette on your own, crowdsource your ideas through some of the user submissions on

Step 3: Consider Your Materials

While you can probably find cabinets, flooring, and countertops in any color, it will cost much more to go outside the usual offerings. Instead, let your more energetic colors show up in less expensive materials, like paint and furniture, while leaving the more earthy neutrals to appear in kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Otherwise, good luck! Few projects offer the satisfaction of making a guess and seeing it play out. You’ll be excited to see what turns up.

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