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Warner Stone Inc.

Warner Stone Inc. Started  2003 in Guangdong, China with ongoing investments of 200 million RMB equivalent to 29 million USD into building a R&D facility and a factory for producing the highest quality natural stone quartz countertops. In 2015 Warner Stone Inc. branched out to the United States after perfecting our products, now our main North America distribution center is located in Walnut, California growing strongly due to their quality and beauty. Warner Stone Inc. Quartz countertops are now a brand name recognized widely in the field.

How Warner Stone Inc. Quartz countertops differ from other manufacturer?

Our quartz uses 93% natural stone, and quartz chips from the Pearl Coast of China and 7% polymer resin and pigments in the production of our quartz. Normal Quartz countertops use about 80% stone chips and 20% polymer resin and pigments. Thus giving our quartz superior strength and beauty.

Is Warner Stone Inc. Quartz countertops Safe?

Yes, with 29 million USD going into R&D and manufacturing we have trademarked and patented our process to not only produce the best quality quartz countertops to be scratch and stain resistant, but also non-toxic, non-radiation to meet not only American ECO and safety standards but to pass customs and California Eco and safety regulations which is the toughest out of all the states.

Why Choose Warner Stone Inc. Quartz countertops?

Because of the patent and trademark way we produce our quartz countertops to be non-porous. There is no need to seal to protect from scratches and stains every year like granite or marble. Also Quartz countertop is known to be the hardest in strength from granite and marble, but also more flexible at the same time. Quartz is a natural stone but through man made engineering methods we have combined the beauty of natural stone to our end products, but with none of the headaches that come with natural stone countertops such as dis-coloration, staining, natural cracks, inconsistency in patterns/colors, brittleness, trace of toxins and radioactive content.

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